My Memories of the Leucadia Flea Market – Encinitas Magazine February 2016 – Words & Photos by Kyle Thomas (Stories of Encinitas CA)

Old-Leucadia-Flea-Market- circa -970

Old Leucadia Flea Market – circa 1970

Officially it was the Peddlers Village, but we knew it better as the Leucadia Flea Market. It spanned from 1966 to March 7, 1984. A cultural phenomenon unique to Leucadia, it attracted regular visitors all the way from Orange County and Los Angeles. There was nothing else like it outside of Europe.

Originally the property was a greenhouse, but in 1966 the Peddlers Village took root.

For many, the Flea Market was a place where you could begin a business on a shoestring and turn it into a profitable enterprise. Myself, I began with a $250 investment, selling imported 14 karat Italian gold chain, displayed on a small rickety card table. One year later, I was surrounded by glass cases containing over one kilo of gold jewelry. This was the gateway, that lead me to learn the jewelry manufacturing arts, which became my destiny, spanning a 30-year career.



The Flea Market was known for it’s colorful and diverse characters and vendors, who to each other, were like family. I remember big Ed Johnson, who dominated the turquoise and silver jewelry market, Victoria, a petite lady with a European accent, selling fabulous antiques, Harold and Muriel, the Flea Market managers who sold beautiful Brass objects, Rosie Daley, who sold colorful hand painted clothes and later became Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef after being discovered by Oprah at a Home show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and who ended up writing a NY Times best selling cookbook. Then there was Lauren, who was the best source for Swarovski crystal, Randy Seol, the former drummer for the Strawberry Alarm Clock (Incense and Peppermints), who imported and sold exotic sea shells, and Gary Mattis, the geologists, spent most of the year in South America and then would return with emeralds and other treasures to sell.

My favorite personality was Lynne Merchant, who spent the spring and summer seasons traveling the world to areas like Afghanistan, Yemen, and France, and then would return home, and to the Flea Market, with exotic gems and jewelry. Always dressed in colorful gypsy-like clothes, and under beautifully painted umbrellas, you would never find her sitting down because she was always on her feet talking with customers telling stories of her travels and of how she came by her various treasures.


Leucadia Flea Market’s Lynne Merchant now teaching jewelry classes at her store across the street from the Belly Up Tavern, at 142 South Cedros Ave, Solana Beach

Finally, there was Kosmo and Kismo, the flea market’s residents Psychics. The two met at the Flea Market and were married three days later, on April Fools Day at Glen Park, in Cardiff. Kosmo was the last and final person remaining after the Flea Market’s final day in March of 1984, as he was hired to tear down the Flea Market, to make way for the development of the Pacifica condominium project. His promotional efforts resulted in a news broadcast covering the final days of the Flea Market, which was in turn seen by a member of the 1984 Olympic committee. Kosmo negotiated the sale of the Flea Market’s lumber, that was in turn used to build the western ghost town that the competitors rode through during the 1984 Olympic equestrian event, hosted in Fairbanks Ranch, giving it the final distinction of, “The Flea Market that went to the Olympics.”

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  • Louise Abbott

    February 2, 2016 , 11:31 PM

    Lynn Merchant is not only colorful & beautiful, she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Her taste is exquisite & her merchandise is to die for.
  • Sandy

    February 2, 2016 , 11:42 PM

    I bought six crystal wine glasses in 1971 for $20.00. Had them appraised 10 years ago for $300.00
  • Jeanne

    February 3, 2016 , 5:41 AM

    I still have a beautiful navy blue crystal seed beaded necklace and earring set I bought in the early 70's. It was old back then!
  • Lenny Brzezinski Jr.

    February 3, 2016 , 7:59 AM

    My Grandfather and Grandmother were sellers down there. You might know him as Cherokee Charlie.
  • lacey de california

    February 3, 2016 , 9:30 AM

    love the flea market and was a heavy shopper in 70s and early 80s. bought jewelry from Lynn, sold at the country scruffs boot. Life has dome full circle and now I sell vintage clothing.
  • Lisa DeSchryver

    December 10, 2017 , 4:21 PM

    I worked at the produce Mart when Don and Jane Pickett owned it from 1969-1973
  • Robbyn

    December 15, 2017 , 12:53 PM

    I still have a sweet little manicure kit I bought there in 1968 when I lived with my family in a little house on Neptune. We moved to Carlsbad in 1969. Wonderful memories.
  • John

    June 15, 2018 , 8:27 AM

    I went searching for pictures that could match my memories. You had them. Thank You! My wife and I were regulars at the market. We bought, and still have many things! Thanks again!
    • Kyle

      December 29, 2018 , 3:39 PM

      Hi John, Thank you for your kind comments... Kyle
  • Lisa DeSchryver

    November 25, 2020 , 6:24 PM

    Don't forget Don Pickett, he and his wife Jane owned the fruit stand and run the flea market. I worked there from 1969 to 1973. I met Margo Godfrey (womans surfing champion), Mike Doyle, alsop a famous surfer. Then there was "Gypsie Boots, who invented one of the first engery bars and was featured on Good Morning America. Many wonderful memories.
  • Lisa DeSchryver

    November 25, 2020 , 6:31 PM

    Another interesting story was when I was working in the produce stand a flea market customer came up to me to show me a heave discolored blackish heavy bar he paid $2.00 for. It was a real gold bar that someone sold him! Amazing!
  • Jock Goodman

    August 6, 2021 , 11:01 AM

    I went there every weekend in mid 70s. Bought from Ed Johnson and remember Lynn Merchant and bought “discount” LP records from some fellow. I did buy a few gold chains, maybe from you, I also bought a few gems feom ?Karl? at Encinitas Lapidary. Made silver jewelry from our tiny backyaed studio on LaMesa st. Now mostly retired from official jewelry biz but returning to toots making solver gold and gem jewelry (mostly from materials i bought when much loere gold prices. See some on IG @hawaiigems jewels and my photos @jocksphotos